About Us


The BMW Foundation aims to facilitate global dialogue and to drive social innovation. To this end, we bring together people from across cultures, countries and communities around selected key areas.

Who We Work With – International Leaders

Our work targets one group in particular: international leaders. As influential opinion makers with a wealth of experience, they can make an important contribution to a society based on solidarity. On one hand, this allows them to consider the social impact of their professional activities, while on the other, also allows them to step out of their comfort zone and embrace a more civic-minded approach. We help leaders to utilize their skills and networks in the form of pro-bono or philanthropic engagement, or to cooperate with civil-society organizations.

How We Work – Cooperatively, Internationally, Willing to Take Risks

We believe that interdisciplinary thinking and cross-sector cooperation is indispensable to understanding and solving the problems of our times. We therefore seek cooperations with a wide variety of institutions – government departments, foundations, think tanks, and social actors – in all areas of our work. These collaborations help us to recognize trends and innovative ideas more quickly and to further develop our activities thematically and methodologically. Through a growing number of new partnerships, we have been able to systematically expand our programs and more effectively advance our objectives, including at the political level. A special focus is on strong partner organizations abroad, who help our work take on an increasingly global reach.

BMW AG, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, and Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation

In 1959, Herbert Quandt secured the independence of BMW and thus laid the foundation for the successful development of the automobile company. In recognition of his entrepreneurial achievement, BMW AG in 1970 established the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

Thirty years later, BMW AG launched another corporate foundation, the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation, in honor of Eberhard von Kuenheim, long-time chairman of its management and supervisory boards.

On the occasion of its centenary in March 2016, BMW AG further expanded its commitment to its foundations and consolidated the two corporate foundations in order to pool their strengths and resources. Since then, the foundation’s activities are carried out primarily by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, whose capital has been significantly increased.

The Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation continues to support its own projects such as JOBLINGE and tat:funk. Projects such as Lehr:werkstatt, Sinnvestition, Junge Vor!Denker and the initiative Verantwortung unternehmen will be continued by the “new” BMW Foundation. A detailed overview of all these projects can be found on www.kuenheim-stiftung.de.

In its relation with the corporate founder, the BMW Foundation is guided by the Ten Recommendations for Nonprofit Corporate Foundations, published by the Association of German Foundations.