Impact Circle

Engagement for Social Innovations



28–29 Nov 2014, Hamburg

The Impact Circle is an initiative of BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders that aims to provide committed leaders with an opportunity to contribute their professional skills to a meaningful project.

To this end, a one-and-a-half-day event brings together some 15 Responsible Leaders as well as 15 leaders that are not yet members of the Foundation's network. In addition, the participants include representatives of two nonprofit organizations whose concrete problems and issues will be jointly tackled by all participants. The idea is for the organization to benefit from the participants' expertise, networks or financial support. At the same time, the participants can gain insight into two exciting organizations and their work and also get to know each other better while working together. This time they are hosted by The Do School in Hamburg.


The candidates for the upcoming Impact Circle in Hamburg are now confirmed. We are looking forward to collaborating with these two charities:

Jourvie has created an app, that helps making the treatment of eating disorders easier and more efficient. Patients that suffer from anorexia, bulimia or binge eating are being supported and motivated in order to complete therapy successfully.

Irrsinning Menschlich e.V. conducts workshops at schools in order to promote mental health. The initiative also establishes regional cooperations between schools, health authorities and charities. An important objective is to destigmatize mental diseases.