Frequently Asked Questions About the BMW Foundation


What does the BMW Foundation do?

The BMW Foundation encourages people to get involved for the common good beyond their professional responsibilities and personal interests, and to use their skills to solve social problems.

What are the BMW Foundation’s sources of funding?

The BMW Foundation has an endowment of 50 million euros. In 2015, its total income from interest, project-related revenues, other income and donations from BMW AG was approx. 6.4 million euros which were spent on nonprofit programs and projects.

What does the name stand for?

The BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt is a corporate foundation sponsored by BMW AG. It was established in 1970 in recognition of Herbert Quandt’s services to the company. With the Herbert Quandt Foundation in Bad Homburg, we share the name and the goal to strengthen civil society. There are no institutional or organizational links between the two foundations.

Can I apply to the BMW Foundation for financial support or fellowship money?

We use most of our money for our own programs or for programs that we carry out in collaboration with others. The Foundation, moreover, supports selected intermediaries and academic institutions that work on developing civil-society structures and feed innovative ideas into the third sector. We provide financial and non-material support to individual social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations, particularly in connection with our Young Leaders programs. Rather than providing “passive” support – i.e. making donations –, we involve the people and organizations that we support in our programs and networks. The willingness to participate in these networks is fundamental to entering into such partnership.

How can I participate in programs and events organized by the BMW Foundation?

Most of our programs cater to selected groups of participants. Our work is addressed mainly to opinion leaders and people who we believe make the biggest contribution to the issue at hand and are able to disseminate new ideas and innovative thinking. Some events such as the Young Leaders Lectures or our Lecture Series on Social Innovation are open to the public. If you have questions about participation, please contact the relevant program coordinator.

How can I stay informed about the activities of the BMW Foundation?

Every two months, we publish an email newsletter featuring background information on current programs and events as well as the latest news from the BMW Foundation network. You can subscribe to the newsletter hereNewsletter | BMW Foundation. For fastest updates about the BMW Foundation, “Like” us on our Facebook page.