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BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt expands impact-oriented investment

Social enterprise African Clean Energy receives €300,000 loan  more


Press Release

BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt expands impact-oriented investment

Social enterprise African Clean Energy receives €300,000 loan  more


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500 participants from 70 countries attend BMW Foundation Forum in Munich

New ideas to address a wide variety of urgent problems  more


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The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt at the German Day of Foundations

Book Publications and Discussions  more


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4th Global Pro Bono Summit

Taproot Foundation and BMW Foundation convene the 4th Annual Global Pro Bono Summit in Singapore.  more


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BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation of BMW AG consolidate to form single organization

BMW Group strengthens commitment to its foundation.  more


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1st Berlin Global Forum

The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt confirms its commitment to the integration of refugees by entering into a partnership with Kiron Open Higher Education.  more


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1st Berlin Global Forum

In light of the growing global crises, Europe and the emerging economies need to share greater responsibility.  more


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BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Awards

By giving out the Responsible Leaders Awards tonight, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt once again honours international leaders within its network.   more


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Munich Economic Summit

How can Europe overcome its lethargy and become more competitive and innovative?  more


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3rd Global Pro Bono Summit Berlin

This cross-sector convening of international corporations, pro bono service providers and German government representatives aims to expand the reach and impact of skills-based volunteering and pro bono service.  more


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2nd Social Innovation Summit and Turkish-German Social Innovation Exchange

On February 20, the 2nd Social Innovation Summit, entitled “Fostering Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey,” will take place in Istanbul.  more


Responsible Leaders Awards

BMW Foundation Honors International Leaders

As part of the Munich Economic Summit, the BMW Foundation has presented its Responsible Leaders Awards on May 15.  more


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13th Munich Economic Summit

"Free Trade and Prosperity" is the summit's topic on the 15 and 16 of May 2014 at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich.  more


Limited Resources – Unlimited Security Risks

New event series of the BMW Foundation looks at challenges caused by resource scarcity

The global race for water, food, and energy is undermining the ecological and resource base in key regions of the world.  more


4th World Young Leaders Forum

BMW Foundation Brings Global Young Leaders to Beijing

Forum focuses on sustainability and quality growth in China and the world.  more


Pro Bono Movement Goes Global

Taproot and BMW Foundations Host 1st Global Pro Bono Summit

The leaders of the movement are convening in New York City to help to advance social change.  more


Leadership Change in the BMW Foundation

Jürgen Chrobog will be succeeded by Dr. Michael Schaefer

Board changes: Jürgen Chrobog, Chairman of the Board of Directors, will leave the BMW Foundation on June 30, 2013.   more