Press Release

The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt at the German Day of Foundations


27 Apr 2016

The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt will be featured at the German Day of Foundations (Leipzig, May 11–13, 2016) with several events. The theme of this year’s meeting – the largest gathering of foundations in Europe – is: “Älter – bunter – anders: Demografischer Wandel und Stiftungen” (Older – More Varied – Different: Demographic Change and Foundations). Guests include Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Stanislaw Tillich, the minister-president of Saxony (CDU), and Margot Käßmann, former chair of the council of the Evangelical Church in Germany.

In keeping with the theme, the BMW Foundation will present a book about Generationsbrücke Deutschland, published in cooperation with Herder Verlag. The first cross-generational social enterprise in Germany serves as a model of how you old and young can fruitfully come together: elderly citizens and children meet on a regular basis, they play and laugh together, form friendships, and learn from each other. The book provides insight into the approaches and potentials of this extraordinary social business, highlighting a forward-looking model that deserves to be scaled up. At the Day of Foundations, Horst Krumbach, director of Generationsbrücke Deutschland and a member of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, will be joined for a discussion on the topic of “Searching Happiness and Finding Meaning across All Generations” by Margot Käßmann and others.

“Lifelong Learning – Foundations as Learning Organizations” is the topic of a discussion organized by the BMW Foundation which deals with the changing financial environment and other developments in the sector. Panelists include Markus Hipp, member of the board of directors of the BMW Foundation, and Claudia Leißner, managing director of Proboneo in Berlin.

Finances and investments are also the focus of an event organized by the BMW Foundation in cooperation with the Association of German Foundations, which will present a comprehensive handbook on the topic of impact investing for foundations. The welcome will be given by Carl-August von Kospoth, member of the board of directors of the BMW Foundation; Maraike van Oosting, project manager of Sinnvestion, will moderate the discussion. Keynote speaker will be Charly Kleissner from the United States, a pioneer of international impact investing.

What does it look like when foundations act entrepreneurially? This question will be explored by the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) during its traditional breakfast at the German Day of Foundations. Markus Hipp, a member of the board of the EVPA, will present the latest news from the organization. Additional speakers will talk about creative investments in social innovations and the efficient use of funds.