North Africa Impact Discussion

Digital Economy for Employment


22–23 May 2017, Algiers

The North Africa Impact Discussion is organized in cooperation with the Maghreb Economic Forum (MEF) and Cercle d’Action et de Réflexion autour de l’Entreprise (CARE). It will explore the convergence of globalization and digitization with the aim of identifying possibilities for boosting sustainable and socially inclusive growth across the North Africa region.

Growing anxieties about diminishing future prospects as a result of outsourcing and the effects of digitization on Arab export competitiveness and manual labor causes large parts of society across the MENA region to feel left out. False expectations towards the public sector to contain the effects of automation and technological progress on workforce demands have become a source of escalating social unrest. At the same time, these trends hold immense opportunities for labor markets, as information, data, expertise, and production become globally accessible and more affordable.The discussion will focus on forward-looking policy measures, business and investment strategies, and civil society initiatives needed to unlock new employment opportunities arising from a socially inclusive digital economy.

The North Africa Impact Discussion will facilitate an open dialogue to develop frameworks for collaboration between various local, regional, and international stakeholders. Participants will also explore options for tapping into easily scalable technological solutions in order to strengthen the region’s import substitution industrialization (ISI) strategy and improve the competitiveness of un- and underemployed young talent.

Our Goal

This impact discussion seeks to explore innovative collaboration models within and between government administrations, local communities, the private sector, and civil society with the aim of unlocking the promise of an inclusive digital economy.