Women, Get Out There!

Women, Get Out There!

Exploring the Digital Gender Gap in India

19 June 2017 | Joana Breidenbach | Europe and the Emerging Economies

In underdeveloped regions especially, women have little access to the digital world. For a Betterplace Lab report, Joana Breidenbach traveled to India to meet the women who, despite all obstacles, help shape the country's digital transformation.

Concert of the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra

Concert of the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra

What Is the Cultural Heritage We Share?

30 Mar 2017 | Daniel Gerlach | Europe and the Emerging Economies

Inspired by the 5th BMW Foundation Global Table in Tanzania, the conductor Jan Moritz Onken initiated the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra. Through classical music, the initiative wants to improve the relations between the people living along the Silk Road, from China to Central Asia and Russia all the way to Spain.

A power to change societies for the better

A power to change societies for the better

Learnings from the 5th Global Pro Bono Summit

17 Mar 2017 | Derk Norde | Pro bono and Engagement

Last week, a group of over 100 people from five continents could be seen happily strolling the picturesque streets and ancient buildings of Lisbon, Portugal. They were pro bono intermediaries and interested affiliates from all over the world, who had come together for the 5th Global Pro Bono Summit.

For a Global Coalition of Responsible Leaders

For a Global Coalition of Responsible Leaders

Europe's Politics at a Crossroads

15 Feb 2017 | Michael Schaefer | Europe and its neighbours

The election of Donald Trump is a wake-up call. Those who saw Brexit as an unwarranted decision by a British population keeping its distance from the Continent now need to understand that the exception has become the rule.

Learning Not for School But for Life

Learning Not for School But for Life

Impressions from the Transatlantic Core Group

14 Dec 2016 | Franziska von Kempis | Europe and Its Neighbors

Learning not for a specific job, but for a career? What can education and training look like today, both in Germany and the United States? During a workshop held at the U.S. East Coast, Franziska von Kempis, a new member of the Transatlantic Core Group, learned many new things, including about Bible study and the presidential elections.

Reviving the Momentum

8th Global Table Discusses Rule of Law in Southeast Europe

09 Dec 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

Unsolved conflicts of the past, an overwhelming bureaucracy, corrupt elites, and poor rule of law: many countries in Southeast Europe are in permanent crisis mode. Hope has always come from the accession prospects to the European Union – but the EU itself has had an identity problem for some time. Southeast Europe urgently needs innovative approaches – and the strength to take control of its destiny.

DENK:Raum Munich

Vision 2025

07 Dec 2016 | BMW Foundation | Digitization

At the networking and discussion format DENK:Raum 100 participants discussed the topic of “Social Responsibility and Digitization.” Together, they ventured into the year 2025. A photoblog recap.

7th BMW Foundation Global Table in Tunisia

Three Problem Solving Approaches

02 Dec 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Powers

A sense of urgency accompanied the 7th BMW Foundation Global Table "A New Social Contract: The Responsibility to Prevent Failure", which in the fall brought together some 30 participants in Sidi Bou Said near Tunis.

Commitment Pitches

Six months later

21 Nov 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

At the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum in Munich in May, three organizations – the Global Pro Bono Network, Kiron Open Higher Education, and Impact Hub – pitched for support to the network. From the audience of 500 Responsible Leaders came a total of 99 commitments. Here’s a look at three of these commitments, six months later.

Global Talk

A Country Into Which Immigration Takes Place, But Not an Immigration Country

10 Nov 2016 | BMW Foundation | Migration

In May, the German government passed a refugee integration law. For the Social Democrats, this is not enough. The SPD wants an immigration law that would regulate economic migration. Do we need this law? – This was the key question of the debate at Munich’s BMW Welt.

Impact Accelerator Day

Why Project Together?

08 Nov 2016 | Dr. Nadine Wachter, Christoph Räthke | Social Entrepreneurship

Through their impressive work, the young social entrepreneurs from Project Together qualified for their very own "Impact Accelerator Day". We have been very impressed by the fact that they, at age 20, had already reached a point where seasoned entrepreneurs double their age would like to be three years after founding a business.

An Interview with Abdallah Al Dardari

“No Peace without Justice”

2 Nov 2016 | BMW Foundation | MENA

Aerial strikes, negotiations, ceasefire, renewed bombardment: As the war in Syria continues in its sixth year, it is hard to believe that it will ever end.

Open Dialogue in Difficult Times

9th German-Russian Dialogue Baden-Baden

31 Oct 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe and Its Neighbors

Will the escalation in the Syria conflict lead to a new cold war? Or will it still be possible to find a path towards peace together with Russia? In this difficult situation, and shortly after the Duma elections in Russia, some 25 young leaders met for the 9th German-Russian Dialogue in Baden-Baden to discuss the prospects for increased cooperation.

Striving for the Best and Most Constructive Approaches

The Transatlantic Core Group After One Year

27 Oct 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe’s Neighbors

The Transatlantic Core Group (TCG) was founded in the summer of 2015 to establish a new German-American dialogue – an innovative collaboration of the next generation of transatlanticists who aim to make a social impact through working on joint challenges.

An Interview with Nadine Wachter and Philipp von der Wippel

"A Huge Gift"

21 Oct 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

Since Philipp von der Wippel founded Project Together in 2014, he has received a lot of support from the BMW Foundation’s Responsible Leaders Network, especially from Nadine Wachter, the main mentor of the social business. The two talked about their collaboration on the sidelines of the Impact Accelerator Day.

Re-thinking Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

The assessments of sub-state actors play an increasingly important role

19 Oct 2016 | Michael Schaefer and Abi Williams | Europe and the Emerging Economies

Since 2015, Europe has struggled to respond effectively to the refugee crisis precipitated by conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in the MENA region and Sub-Saharan Africa. Causes for this unprecedented level of forced migration include armed conflict, a lack of economic development, weak governance, poverty, and the effects of climate change.

4th European Young Leaders Forum

Stepping Into One Another's Shoes

29 Sept 2016 | Phoebe Gaa | Responsible Leadership

At the beginning of September, 40 selected participants from across Europe, working in different sectors came together in Belgrade for the 4th European Young Leaders Forum. One of them was Phoebe Gaa, a German television reporter, who looks back at three exciting days.

“The most interesting things happening in the field of innovation are linked to sustainability”

Tasso Azevedo on the legacy of the Rio Olympics and his fight against climate change

27 Sep 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

As the first director general of Brazil's National Forest Service and architect of the Amazon Fund, a fund dedicated to reducing emissions from deforestation, Responsible Leader Tasso Azevedo has helped to drastically reduce the rate of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. Today, he is focused on addressing climate change globally and to this end has worked to include climate change and sustainability issues in the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

„It is of utter importance to be present in Turkey“

Why Kiron Open Higher Education established an office in Istanbul

20 Sep 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

With the financial support of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Mehemed Bougsea spent three months as an intern with our partner Kiron Open Higher Education in Istanbul. His ambition: Fighting for access to higher education on behalf of more than 120,000 Syrians. Mehemed will be returning to Turkey to help launch Kiron Turkey's first student batch this fall.

4th European Young Leaders Forum

Live Blog

07 Sept 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

In this live blog, you can follow the highlights of the 4th European Young Leaders Forum for which 40 participants from all over Europe will come to Belgrade from Sept 8 to 11, 2016.

Accountability Lab

An Impact Weekend with the BMW Foundation

26 Aug 2016 | Narayan Adhikari | Social Entrepreneurship

For this year’s Impact Summer, we invited the Accountability Lab, winner of the Responsible Leaders Award 2014, and members of the US Chapter of our Responsible Leaders Network to come together for a special impact retreat. Narayan Adhikari, who works for the Accountability Lab in Nepal, writes about his most important take-aways.

Transatlantic Core Group

Focusing on domestic challenges

19 Aug 2016 | Jennifer Jun | Europe and its Neighbors

After the Transatlantic Core Group (TCG) was successfully launched last year on Wasan Island, the group convened a second meeting on Wasan Island, Ontario from August 3-7, 2016 to take stock of its accomplishments. Jennifer Jun of the Chicago Council describes how the focus of the discussions has changed over the course of the year.

Creating Jobs in Tunisia

“The educational system is disconnected from the economic reality.”

15 Aug 2016 | Ines Amri | Tunisia

Like Tunisia, many countries in the Greater Middle East are troubled by fragile democratic institutions, economic regression, and high unemployment rates. In this essay, Ines Amri writes about reforms of education and economy that she considers vital for Tunisia.

An Interview with Luiza Serpa

“We have to show people the strength of the network”

02 Aug 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leaders

Luiza Serpa and Denise Chaer are leading the new Chapter of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network in Brazil. In this interview, Luiza talks about the challenges of building a network in a country as large and culturally diverse as Brazil.

The Power of the Network

Videos from the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum

26 Jul 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

"This is the pulse that drives change, the pulse that transforms encounters into energy. This is the power of the network." In May, more than 500 Responsible Leaders came together at the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum in Munich and once again quickened the pulse of the network. These videos are proof of that.

Creating a Springboard

New education opportunities for refugees

19 Jul 2016 | Sebastian Gallander | Migration

Germany needs a major educational program for both the refugee and the local population. Responsible Leader Sebastian Gallander explains how an American bill from 1944 could serve as a model.

“It’s always a messy process.”

6th Global Table Discusses Limits of International Responsibility to Protect

18 Jul 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Powers

Some 1.5 billion people – 20 percent of the global population – live in fragile or conflict-affected states and regions. During the last decade alone, the economic impact of violence amounted to 137 trillion US dollars. If nothing else, this staggering figure shows the urgency of the topic “Rethinking Governance in Fragile Societies.”

Searching for Positive Messages

15th Munich Economic Summit Discusses Migration and Integration

15 Jul 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

Migration – Challenge or Opportunity? After one and a half day of discussions among the some 140 international participants at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, the central question of the 15th Munich Economic Summit can be answered quickly: Both!

Innovation Tours

Munich beyond brass music and lederhosen

13 Jul 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

More than 500 Responsible Leaders from all over the world came to Munich for the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum in Munich from May 19-22. For the first time, we hosted this major event in the hometown of BMW – honoring the 100 year anniversary of our founder. On the first day, we sent the participants on a special discovery tour through the Bavarian capital.

An Interview with Tomás de Lara

“Rio de Janeiro has major challenges on all dimensions”

24 Jun 2016 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

Rio+B is a project that encourages companies and business networks to become aware of their socio-environmental impact on the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, the host city of the Olympic Games this August. Tomás de Lara is co-leader of Sistema B Brazil, which is organizing this initiative in cooperation with the BMW Foundation and other partners. Rio+B will kick off on June 24.

An Interview with Rahul Chawla

“Responsible leadership comes with personal growth”

17 June 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

“From an Indian perspective, it is essential to have a critical mass.” Rahul Chawla, Indian Chapter Head of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, on expanding the chapter, the outstanding characteristics of the network, and tackling social issues in the biggest democracy of the world.

„Growing old is part of life“

Berlin has its generational bridge, too.

03 Jun 2016 | Rocco Thiede | Social Entrepreneurship

The John F. Kennedy School in Berlin-Zehlendorf runs a generational bridge program where entire school classes meet senior citizens. The school successfully cooperates with nursing homes in the neighborhood. The rituals and methods of the generational bridge concept are applied here.

An Interview with Cristina D'Alessandro

“The Responsibility to Protect doctrine continues to be hampered by a lack of political will”

31 May 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

How to prevent violent conflict in fragile states and foster effective governance in post-conflict environments? This is not only the topic of the 6th BMW Foundation Global Table at the end of June. It is also one of the focus areas of Cristina D’Alessandro, who is an expert for transformation processes and governance issues.

Social Service Providers

Turning Pallets into Furniture

9 May 2016 | BMW Foundation | Social Innovations

The Lernwerkstatt (“learning workshop”) located on the grounds of Munich’s biggest refugee center provides asylum seekers with insights into the skilled trades – to the long-term benefit of both sides. The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt has supported the project in its very own way.

An Interview with: Markus Hipp and Carl-August Graf von Kospoth

“As a bigger organization, we can make a greater contribution to the common good”

19.05.2016 | Gregor Jungheim | Stiftung

In March 2016, the two corporate foundations of BMW AG – the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation and the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt – consolidated their activities. Read a conversation about what led to this decision and the expectations that come with it.

Related Topics

Media Information

“Fresh ideas in the realm of diplomacy”

The Global Diplomacy Lab has a very active Advisory Council

4th May 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Powers

The Global Diplomacy Lab wants to turn traditional diplomacy on its head. Four Advisory Council members from four nations work to make this goal a reality soon. The next opportunity will present itself at the 4th Lab, to be held in Berlin in June.

U.S. Elections 2016: Setting the Course for America?

Even Republicans Want Hillary to Win

29 Apr 2016 | BMW Foundation | International Relations

It seems too late to want to explain the Trump phenomenon. Now the only question is how to keep him from winning. The deep crisis of the Republican Party and the growing divide in American society are also leaving Germans stunned and uncomfortable.

Looking Across Borders

Transatlantic Core Group Convenes in Brandenburg

22 April 2016 | Juliane Schäuble | Europe and Its Neighbors

The Transatlantic Core Group, founded in 2015, for the first time met in Germany. A group of Americans and Germans, including journalist Juliane Schäuble, convened in the Brandenburg village of Paretz to talk about the challenges posed by migration and integration. Discussions focused on how to make minorities equal citizens.

An Expedition for Children’s Rights

Two Women Trying to Conquer the South Pole

22 Apr 2016 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

In 2017, BMW Foundation Responsible Leader Eirliani Abdul Rahman wants to start on an adventurous journey: A trip to the South Pole that she plans to use to raise awareness on the issue of child abuse. The intense training has already started.


Why I Am Co-Founding Open State

14 Apr 2016 | Sven Stegemann | Innovation

Sven Stegemann worked for the BMW Foundation for four years, most recently at the POC21 innovation camp. Together with founders of the camp, he now sets out on his own by co-founding Open State. Here, he talks about his personal path to launching an alternative enterprise that advances new forms of business and society through open source methods.

The Social Internet of Things

When the Forest Calls the Fire Department

04 Apr 2016 | Angela Ullrich | Social Entrepreneurship

The next great Internet revolution is just around the corner and ready to conquer our refrigerators, flush toilets, and cars. It is the so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT) – a network of physical objects that allows devices and machines to communicate directly with each other and that renders many everyday processes fully automatic, without requiring human intervention. It makes us somehow uneasy, but it also offers enormous opportunities.

“This has opened my eyes”

A Space to Grow and Experiment

24 March 2016 | Philip Ihde | Social Entrepreneurship

“We suddenly engaged with school students who were ashamed of their living conditions and convinced of their own failure.” The BMW Foundation has opened many doors for Rock Your Life! and continually provided assistance and advice to the social business, thus also rocking the life of its executive secretary Philip Ihde.

Digital Philanthropy

Evolution or Revolution?

16 Mar 2016 | Betterplace Lab | Social Entrepreneurship

How does digitization change philanthropy? On the one hand, we have established social organizations that need to stay on top of technological change. On the other hand, there is an increasing number of social entrepreneurs who revolutionize the sector through digital innovations.

An Interview with Samantha Lee

"A wonderful learning journey"

11 Mar 2016 | BMW Foundation | Pro bono and Engagement

The 4th Global Pro Bono Summit in Singapore seeks to strengthen the movement in Asia and explore opportunities for cross-sector collaboration. We are supported in this endeavor by our local partner, Conjunct Consulting, which has a lot of experience in collaborating with governments and administrations.

Island Dialogue about China´s Political System

Stabilization By Any Means

02 Mar 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

Five experts met in Munich to discuss where China is heading, whether its political system is doomed to failure or, on the contrary, could serve as a model for other states. The large-scale restructuring and reform undertaken by the new party and state leadership may be driven by anxieties about a deep economic crisis.

"Prevention should always be the order of the day"

Setting the Stage for the Second Cycle of the BMW Foundation Global Table

17 Feb 2016 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

As part of the Munich Security Conference, the BMW Foundation held a panel discussion on “Establishing Governance in Fragile States,” which also set the stage for the second cycle of its BMW Foundation Global Table event series themed “Rethinking Governance.”

TranSektoris Thinks Outside the Box

Redefining Leadership in Healthcare

03 Feb 2016 | Renate Müller | Social Entrepreneurship

TranSektoris seeks to promote the collaboration between traditional and new players in the healthcare system and bring it to bear effectively and fruitfully on everyday work processes. The BMW Foundation has supported the initiative from the beginning.

Boxing for a Better Life

BMW Foundation supports Camp Group

29 Jan 2016 | Deborah Schmitz | Social Entrepreneurship

The Berlin-based start-up Camp Group uses sport-pedagogical methods to integrate marginalized youth into society – both in Germany and abroad.

A Globally Interconnected Renewable Energy System

Bringing the Public and Private Sector Together

26 Jan 2016 | Alejandro Litovsky and Anette Bickmeyer | Europe and the Emerging Economies

Anette Bickmeyer and Alejandro Litovsky were participants of the 4th BMW Foundation Global Table in Poland on energy security and governance. In their essay, they argue that a globally interconnected system of renewable energies can reactivate the cooperation between the public and private sector.

Meaningful Investments

Financing Social and Environmental Outcomes

7 Jan 2016 | Ryan Little | Social Finance

Impact investing is fundamentally reshaping the financial landscape of social and environmental organizations. Ryan Little, project manager at the BMW Foundation and an expert on social finance, on how it is creating a substantial new source of capital to finance impact.

A Strategic Partnership

From a Foreign Policy of Nations to a Foreign Policy of Societies

17 Dec 2015 | Michael Schaefer | The Future of Europe

Michael Schaefer, Chairman of the Board of the BMW Foundation and former German Ambassador to China, sees much potential for a strategic collaboration between governments and foundations on foreign policy issues. At a conference at the Federal Foreign Office, he spoke about topics of common interest and possible synergies.

How Can Nation-Building Work?

Disintegrating States and European Crisis Management

11 Dec 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

Nation-building is not a panacea of international crisis management. As the discussion on Munich’s Prater Island on November 25, 2015, made clear, it is above all a learning process that also comes with setbacks.

An Interview with Kunlé Adeyemi

"African communities have to be much more open about their interests"

8 Dec 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

During the 5th BMW Foundation Global Table in Tanzania, architect and urbanist Kunlé Adeyemi stressed the importance of engaging local communities and civil-society actors in the development of large-scale infrastructure and city-planning projects.

A Milestone in Global Climate Policy

The UN Conference in Paris and Its Opportunities

26 Nov 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

Expectations are high for the COP21 climate summit in Paris that will bring together representatives from over 190 countries. While the panelists at the Island Dialogue event on Munich’s Prater Island agreed that the conference heralded a turning point in global climate policy, they also made clear that containing climate change would continue to be an enormous challenge.

A Dialogue Among Equals

1st Berlin Global Forum Brings Together Decision-Makers from 35 Nations

25 Nov 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

The 1st Berlin Global Forum concluded the first cycle of our new event series, the BMW Foundation Global Table. On November 13, participants from the five Global Tables came together with other international decision-makers at Berlin’s Westhafen to talk about the shared responsibility of Europe and the emerging economies in solving complex challenges.

Documentary about Generationsbrücke Deutschland

“An important milestone in our history”

12 Nov 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

Die Generationsbrücke Deutschland als Film: Am 9. November hat ein Filmprojekt über das Sozialunternehmen des Responsible Leaders Horst Krumbach Premiere im Pfarrzentrum der Katholischen Kirchengemeinde St. Donatus in Aachen gefeiert – dem Entstehungsort der Generationsbrücke.

Interview with Osama Abdelmoghni

A Mutual Kind of Respect for Each Other's Culture

Nov 6, 2015 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

Osama Abdelmoghni serves as the new French/Benelux Chapter Head. He has a multicultural background and sees his biggest challenge in prompting members to overcome cultural differences.

France’s Reform Program and the European Integration

Regaining Equilibrium

28 Oct 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe’s Future

There will be no magic bullet soon – this was the consensus among all panelists who met for the Island Dialogue. Europe will continue in crisis mode, trusting that France and Germany, as usual, will turn things around in the end. France, however, should finally overcome its economic weakness to become an equal partner.

An Interview With Djoomart Otorbaev

„We have to bring Europe closer to our region“

16 Oct 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europa and the Emerging Economies

Djoomart Otorbaev is the former prime minister of Kyrgyzstan. In this interview, he talks about the opportunities for landlocked Central Asian countries which emerge from new geopolitical concepts.

No End to Crisis Mode

German-Russian Dialogue in Baden-Baden during Difficult Times

8 Oct 2015 | Thomas Arzner | International Relationship

Recently, the West and Russia have again shown a greater willingness to talk. But this does not mean that the crisis mode has been turned off. This became clear during the 8th German-Russian Dialogue in Baden-Baden.

Breaking New Ground in Promoting Civic Engagement

The “Committed Community” Program

05 Oct 2015 | Karin Haist | Civic Engagement

Five foundations, a company, and a federal ministry are united in a common cause: the “Committed Community” networking program provides three million euros and individual consultancy to promote long-term civic engagement and support existing local organizations and agencies.

Social Intrapreneurs

Turning the Ship of Big Business

29 Sep 2015 | Maggie De Pree | Social Intrapreneurship

After the kickoff in Berlin in 2014 the BMW Foundation together with the League of Intrapreneurs and Ashoka Mexico will hold the 2nd Global Social Intrapreneurship Summit in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, in early October. Maggie De Pree, co-founder of The League of Intrapreneurs, reflects on the latest developments of the movement.

Lost in No Man's Land

Ways Out of the Transatlantic Crisis

25 Sep 2015| BMW Foundation | Europe and Its Neighbors

Off the couch and into real life: The German-American partnership can still be saved. For this to happen, however, both sides need to make sure to look and listen more carefully. This is what the panelists of the Island Dialogue event on Munich’s Prater Island quickly agreed on.

Beyond Declaration

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

24 Sep 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

There is good reason to be proud and optimistic when the UN member countries are set to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on September 25. The SDGs are the result of tough political negotiations and unprecedented civil society consultations, and for the next 15 years will set the framework and benchmarks for ending extreme poverty and securing a more sustainable future.

5th BMW Foundation Global Table

Governance, Resource Management, and Shared Responsibility

23 Sep 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

The rather abstract topics addressed by the Global Table came to life at the Ngorongoro Reservation Area: There, the challenge is to find a balance between promoting safari tourism and protecting its unique wildlife, and to implement good governance that is not prone to corruption, prevents poaching, and represents the interests of the local population.

China's "One Belt, One Road"

Europe’s Strategic Interest to Drive the New Silk Road

7 Sep 2015 | Michael Schaefer, Wei Shen, André Loesekrug-Pietri | Europe and the Emerging Economies

China reinvents the Silk Road and plans to build new roads, railways, ports and pipelines. So far there has been no proper EU response, but Europe should not miss the opportunity to formulate its own respective interests and make the Silkroad a Europe-China initiative.

Global Diplomacy Lab

Design and Diplomacy

2 Sep 2015 | BMW Foundation | The Future of Europe

The Global Diplomacy Lab strives to give new meaning and shape to diplomacy. The speech about the core principles of design by Brenton Caffin of the British innovation agency Nesta at the 2nd lab meeting in Istanbul proved that a side-glance at other disciplines may provide valuable inspiration.

Transatlantic Core Group

How to Rebuild Trust?

26 Aug 2014 | BMW Foundation | Transatlantic Relations

The transatlantic relationship faces severe challenges, both now and for the future – this was of mutual concern among German and American participants of the Transatlantic Core Group’s inaugural meeting on Wasan Island, Canada this past month.

African Clean Energy

A Cooking Stove as Lifesaver

25 Aug 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

Every year, more than four million people in developing countries die from smoke poisoning, caused by cooking on open fires in closed spaces. That is more deaths than from malaria and Aids/HIV combined. The social enterprise African Clean Energy wants to change this – with the help of the BMW Foundation.

From Idea to Horizontec

“I will stay with it.”

13 Aug 2015 | BMW Foundation | Impact

The mission to Mars did not start in Cape Canaveral nor in the Kazakh city of Baikonur. It was on the tiny island of Wasan – three hours north of the Canadian city of Toronto – that the foundations were laid for this trip, designed to take school students into the unknown expanses of the educational universe.

Cultural Diplomacy

Why We Continue Our Activities in Russia

07 Aug 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europa and Its Neighbors

In Russia, the situation for local and foreign foundations is deteriorating. Inspections have put pressure on nonprofit organizations, many of which have been forced to leave the country or have decided to withdraw. The BMW Foundation has chosen to continue its activities in Russia, because we believe in the power of intercultural dialogue, which can only happen on a personal level.

How Much Independence Is Necessary?

Insights from the Franco-German Dialogue between Corporate Foundations

4 Aug 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and Its Neighbors

What do projects run by corporate foundations in Germany and France look like? And how closely do German and French corporate foundations work with their founding corporations? These were some of the questions discussed at the Franco-German dialogue, which took place in Berlin in June 2015 at the initiative of the corporate foundation of the French company Air Liquide.

Social Innovation Europe in Berlin

"A Lot of Great Ideas Go Unheard"

28 Jul 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Innovation

In cooperation with the British networking organization Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), the BMW Foundation invited over 70 international experts in the field of social innovation to a two-day conference in Berlin to discuss the enabling conditions for social innovation.

More than Match-Making

A Visit with the Taproot Foundation

23 Jul 2015 | Carolin Graetsch | Pro bono

Carolin Graetsch is a student trainee at the BMW Foundation and a master’s student in Non-Profit Management, writing her thesis about intermediaries in the pro bono sector. To expand her research to the United States, she received the opportunity to do a three-week internship with the Taproot Foundation in San Francisco, one of our strategic partners.

An Interview with Shlomo Ben Ami

“Iran is not an existential threat to Israel.”

14 Jul 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and its Neighbors

After 13 years of negotiations with Iran, the dispute over the Iranian nuclear program is now settled. Alongside a panel discussion at our Munich office, we discussed Israel’s sentiments about the nuclear agreement with the former Israeli foreign minister Shlomo Ben Ami.

A Common Refugee Policy for a United Europe?

Acceptance is the Biggest Challenge

13 Jul 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and Its Neighbors

The biggest challenge for Europe is not Greece, but the question of how Europe deals with refugees. By the end of 2015, the death toll in the Mediterranean could rise to 30,000. How much solidarity can and must we show? This was the topic of our “Europe United in Diversity” event in Magdeburg.

Media, Power, Truth

Do we have a „Lying Press” in Germany?

08 Jul 2015 | Hanna Vietze | Journalism

It is the German non-word of 2014: “Lügenpresse” (lying press). More and more people, whether from the left or the right, are challenging the classic media. Is there some truth to the accusation? Can journalists still be trusted? In May, UnAuf, the student newspaper of Humboldt University, organized a panel discussion in the Berlin office of the BMW Foundation to explore these very questions.

An Interview with Omid Nouripour

“We Have the Choice between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.”

01 Jul 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and its Neighbors

“I will only believe there is an agreement when I see it.” The foreign policy spokesperson of the Greens, Omid Nouripour, has doubts about the smooth implementation of the nuclear deal. We talked with the native-born Iranian on the sidelines of a panel discussion organized by the German Council on Foreign Relations and held at the Munich office of the BMW Foundation.

Transatlantic Partnership

Trust Needs to be Rebuilt

30 Jun 2015 | BMW Foundation | The Future and Its Neighbors

How can we rebuild lost trust? Germany and the United States are linked by a long and deep partnership which is currently being put to a severe test. There was wide agreement on this matter at a Forum Berlin event entitled “Transatlantic Relations – Is the Divide Growing?”, which took place at the Berlin office of the BMW Foundation. Among the participants was U.S. Ambassador John B. Emerson.

Challenges for Impact Investors

An Interview With Charly Kleissner

24 June 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Finance

“We impact investors really believe that we want to have adequate financial return and impact.” Charly Kleissner is a pioneer in the impact investment movement and co-founder of Toniic, a global network of action-oriented impact investors.

4th BMW Foundation Global Table

Thinking Big about Energy Security

17 Jun 2015 | BMW Foundation | Energy Security

There is, of course, no guarantee. But when 25 people from all continents come to a small place south of Krakow that has poor mobile reception and modest accommodation but excellent conference facilities, a real dialogue is bound to emerge: conversations where listening is more important than speaking – across cultural and hierarchical boundaries.

Commission Report

Confronting the Crisis of Global Governance

16 June 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Powers

The Report of the Commission on Global Security, Justice and Governance promotes global governance innovations, looking toward and continuing through the UN’s seventy-fifth anniversary in 2020. Michael Schaefer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BMW Foundation, is a commissioner and one of the authors of the report.

An Interview with Julian Popov

"Europe Should Be More Ambitious."

10 June 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

“Energy policies, trade and investment could increase or erode national security and prosperity.” Julian Popov, participant of the BMW Foundation Global Table in Poland, on challenges for the European energy union, China’s Silk Road project and the Russian fight for market shares.

Lecture Series Now Available in Book Form

Markus Hipp: Enough Self-Restraint Already!

4 Jun 2015 | Markus Hipp | Civil Society

Who do not move in these waters rarely know what is meant by the term “civil society.”

Munich Economic Summit

Europe Must Not Be Outpaced

28 May 2015 | BMW Foundation | The Future of Europe

“Innovation and competitiveness” was the topic of the 14th Munich Economic Summit, which brought together some 200 guests from the business, academic, political, and civil society sectors – among them French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Valdis Dombrovskis and Günther Oettinger as representatives of the EU Commission.

An Interview with Peter Head

“A New Way of Living on the Planet”

26 May 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

Peter Head is creating a digital platform that can be used all over the world for planning and investing in sustainable infrastructure. He was named by The Guardian as one of 50 people that could “save the planet” and participated in the 3rd BMW Foundation Global Table in Brazil.

An Interview with Senta Höfer

Learning from the Lives of Others

19.05.2015 | BMW Foundation | The Future of Europe

Senta Höfer headed the International Diplomats Programme for five years. The programme was designed to help highly qualified young diplomats develop a better understanding of Germany and offer them opportunities to expand their horizon. A personal look back.

Lecture Series Now Available in Book Form

Günter Faltin: The “Head Beats Capital” Principle

08 May 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has less to do with classical notions of entrepreneurship than with the pleasure one takes in ideas – this is what Günter Faltin and his teachings stand for. A newly released volume entitled “Netzwerke gesellschaftlicher Innovation” (Networks of Social Innovation) includes an interview on his “head beats capital” principle.

Generation Y

How to attract the next generation workforce

30 Apr 2015 | BMW Foundation | Engagement

The Millennials – fear them, love them, hate them or be them. It’s impossible to ignore their presence, particularly as they become a growing demographic in the work force.

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How to Get an Idea Rolling

22 Apr 2015 | Philipp von der Wippel | Engagement

While still in school, Philipp von der Wippel founded ProjectTogether, a point of contact for people who want to realize their ideas for social engagement. In 2014, the organization assisted 120 project founders, this year, it is set to break the 1,000-project mark. The BMW Foundation helps ProjectTogether do so.

Global Talk on Possible Brexit

“Guys, we love you. We want you to stay.”

21 Apr 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe

Is the European Union a bureaucratic monster that never delivers what it promises, or the most beautiful and intelligent adventure of humankind? In Great Britain, too, opinions are divided on this question. Two members of the European parliament debated the pros and cons of a referendum that might be in store for the British public following the general elections in May.

Impact Session with the Social Entrepreneurship Academy

Searching for the Key Message

17 Apr 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

Through its Impact Session format, the BMW Foundation taps into the rich expertise of its Responsible Leaders Network to provide strategic support to social entrepreneurs – such as, for example, the Social Entrepreneurship Academy, which now has available important building blocks to appeal to its target audiences.

An Interview with: Chris Fowler

“I’m intellectually curious and really like people.”

8 Apr 2015 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

Chris Fowler serves as the U.S. Chapter Head of the BMW Foundation’s Responsible Leaders Network, where he leads outreach efforts, building more and stronger connections between the network members in the United States – using his special skills as a “creative connector.”

3rd BMW Foundation Global Table

Project Ideas to Enhance Urban Quality of Life

07 Apr 2015 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

Climate change and its impact on the urbanization process was the thematic focus of the Global Table in Brazil. Two aspects were looked at more closely: innovative ideas for urban mobility, and sustainable infrastructure measures for cities.

Lecture Series on Social Innovation in Book Form

Götz W. Werner: Citizens as Natural Born Entrepreneurs

30 Mar 2015 | Götz W. Werner | Social Entrepreneurship

Everybody is born with the willingness to change as an ur-entrepreneurial disposition – this is the conviction of Götz W. Werner, founder of the dm retail and drugstore chain. A newly released collection of essays entitled “Perspectives of Social Innovation” contains his talk about the unconditional basic income.

Corporate Foundations

How They Can Be Most Effective

26 Mar 2015 | BMW Foundation | Foundations

At a panel discussion as part of the Münchner Stiftungsfrühling, representatives of foundations and companies talked about the links between entrepreneurial thought and action as well as social engagement.

Young Leaders Forum in Brazil

Time for New Business Models

25 Mar 2015 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

The 2nd Latin American Young Leaders Forum sought to showcase entrepreneurship and business models that are not only economically profitable but also have positive social and ecological impact – and are successful because of that.

An Interview with Dr. Inese Lībiņa-Egner

“The size of a country can be measured geographically, but not politically.”

23 Mar 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe’s Future

In January 2015, Latvia for the first time assumed the six-month EU presidency. Inese Lībiņa-Egner, vice-president of the Latvian parliament, talks about the priorities of the Latvian presidency, advice for Greece, and fear of Russia.

An Interview with Gonzalo Muñoz

"Successful social entrepreneurs work with both legislative and executive powers."

20 Mar 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

The main question of the 2nd Latin American Young Leaders Forum in Rio de Janeiro is how the public sector can enable social innovation. We talked about this topic with Gonzalo Muñoz, co-founder of the social enterprise TriCiclos and a speaker at the Forum.

3rd Global Table Brazil

The Challenge of Building Resilience to Climate Change

17 Mar 2015 | Alejandro Litovsky | Europe and the Emerging Economies

The 3rd BMW Foundation Global Table in Brazil will focus on cities and climate change. Our strategic partner Alejandro Litovsky, CEO of the Earth Security Group and author of the Earth Security Index 2015, provides a starting point for discussions on the process of urbanization and resource security.

An Interview with Manuel Neuer

“We quickly felt like neighbors rather than guests.”

17 Mar 2015 | BMW Foundation | Europe and the Emerging Economies

During their run to win the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and the German national team stayed at the Campo Bahia resort. It is where the BMW Foundation now brings together the participants of the 3rd Global Table in Brazil, in the hope that the special spirit of the place once again works its magic.

3rd Global Pro Bono Summit

A New Social Currency

16 Mar 2015 | BMW Foundation | Pro bono

The BMW Foundation, the Taproot Foundation, and Proboneo invited corporate representatives and intermediaries from more than 20 countries to the 3rd Global Pro Bono Summit in Berlin. They all want to give a global boost to the concept of pro bono – that is, the volunteer engagement of professionals and leaders for nonprofits.

Social Innovation

What German and Turkish Organizations Can Learn From One Another

11 Mar 2015 | Filiz Bikmen| Social Innovation

Even one of Istanbul’s worst snow storms of the past decade was not enough to prevent efforts to connect social innovators from Germany and Turkey. As part of the 2nd Social Innovation Summit, the BMW Foundation supported a delegation of Turkish-German and German innovation leaders to meet their peers in Istanbul on February 20–21.

2nd Social Innovation Summit in Istanbul

A Highly Dynamic Turkish Social Entrepreneurship Scene

11 Mar 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

200 participants, six presentations by outstanding entrepreneurs, ten hands-on workshops – this was the 2nd Social Innovation Summit in Istanbul. Initiated by Ashoka and the BMW Foundation, the Summit offered a wealth of expertise and opportunities for sharing experiences and ideas.

The State and Social Entrepreneurship

"The Federal Government Can Definitely Do More"

9 Mar 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are the new darlings of the German economy. But does the government really recognize and promote social business models? The approach is still in its infancy – opportunities for cooperation with traditional businesses and funding opportunities by the state are needed.

An Interview with Liz Hamburg

Pro bono is not a “one size fits all.”

26 Feb 2015 | BMW Foundation | Pro bono

Liz Hamburg is President and CEO of the US-based Taproot Foundation, which has organized the 3rd Global Pro Bono Summit in Berlin together with the BMW Foundation. Both foundations are pioneers of the pro bono movement and are actively driving it.

An Interview With: Rajah Lehal

“The geography of Canada is a big challenge for us.”

20 Feb 2015 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

Bridging the gap not only between sectors, but also between the East and West Coast of Canada is one of the challenges Rajah Lehal has to face in his role as Canadian Chapter Head for the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network.

An Interview with Alexandra van der Ploeg

“We were overwhelmed by applications.”

19 Feb 2015 | BMW Foundation | Pro bono

The software company SAP wants to firmly establish pro bono in the European market and is involved with the 3rd Global Pro Bono Summit in Berlin. “We can achieve more through pro bono than by simply writing checks,” says Alexandra van der Ploeg.

Energy Security in Times of Crisis

Independence or an End to Dependence?

11 Feb 2015 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

Given the current situation in Ukraine, is it even possible to think about future scenarios where Russia plays an important role in Europe’s energy supply? One must think about it, said the panelists of the BMW Foundation side event at the Munich Security Conference.

An Interview with Aretha Mare and Blessing Jongwe

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

10 Feb 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

Aretha Mare and Blessing Jongwe are part of the only all-female team that applied for the Africa Seed Program. They want to bring Impact Hub to Harare, Zimbabwe.

An Interview with Gunther Jancke

UK Chapter Gains Momentum

30 Jan 2015 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

“There is a shared spirit to leave the world a better place than we found it. This creates a lot of energy and power, as well as friendships.” Gunther Jancke about the joys and tribulations of being the UK Chapter Head of the BMW Foundation’s Responsible Leaders Network.

Change Within Companies

How Intrapreneurship Can Succeed

21 Jan 2015 | BMW Foundation | Social Intrapreneurship

No company is short of intelligent, new ideas. In every organization, they are there somewhere. The problem: It is easier to stifle them than to develop them into innovations. How every employee can be a source of ideas and driver of change was the topic of an event that was jointly initiated by BMW Group, the League of Intrapreneurs, and the BMW Foundation.

Island Dialogues - Chinas Reform Agenda 2020

Island Dialogues - Chinas Reform Agenda 2020

14 Jan 2014 | BMW Foundation | International Relations

For many Western Europeans, China continues to be a kind of conundrum, however vast and increasingly influential. What does the 2020 Reform Agenda mean for the country - and what will be the consequences for Europe?

Social Progress Index

Much Room for Improvement

22 Dec 2014 | BMW Foundation | Social Innovation

“Money alone does not create progress,” says Michael Green. The Social Progress Index 2014, which the British social scientist presented at the Berlin office of the BMW Foundation, seeks to provide evidence for this hypothesis.

UnAufgefordert Student Newspaper Turns 25

Biting the Hand that Feeds you

15 Dec 2014 | Susanne Schwarz | Student Journalism

The student newspaper “UnAufgefordert” celebrates its 25th anniversary. Susanne Schwarz, former editor-in-chief, looks back at the newspaper’s history and funding difficulties.

EVPA Annual Conference 2014

Europe's Welfare Organizations, Social Finance, and Entrepreneurship

09 Dec 2014 | BMW Foundation | Venture Philanthropy

On November 18-19, more than 500 venture philanthropists and social entrepreneurs, NGO’s, intermediaries and foundation representatives from around the world were in Berlin for the 10th annual European Venture Philanthropy Association conference.

From Aachen to Beijing and Back

Responsible Leader Horst Krumbach Takes His “Generational Bridge” to China

9 Dec 2014 | Berlin | Social Entrepreneurship

Horst Krumbach has just been awarded the German Prize for Civic Engagement for his Generationsbrücke Deutschland initiative. For the Responsible Leader, this is no reason to rest on his laurels: with the help of the BMW Foundation’s network, he is now taking his initiative to China.

From United Nations to United Actors?

Launch of the Global Diplomacy Lab

8 Dec 2014 | BMW Foundation | International Relations

The work diplomats do is currently undergoing a major transformation process. Digitisation and globalisation are radically changing the day-to-day tasks. Diplomacy is also endeavouring to include other views, such as those from the field of culture and NGOs. How can this be achieved? The aim of the Global Diplomacy Lab (GDL) is to help giving answers to these questions.

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Getting a Political Debate Going

Horst Krumbach Wins 2014 German Prize for Civic Engagement

5 Dec 2014 | Berlin | Social Entrepreneurship

Horst Krumbach has already received several awards for his Generationsbrücke Deutschland, but the German Prize for Civic Engagement – presented on December 5 by Federal Minister of Family Affairs Manuela Schwesig (SPD) in Berlin – is a very special honor for the BMW Responsible Leader.

2nd BMW Foundation Global Table

"A global strategy is absolutely important"

2 Dec 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resource Security

Harald Krüger, Bhairavi Jani and Andrey Kortunov participated in the 2nd BMW Foundation Global Table at Lake Como, Italy. In our video interviews, they talk about global business strategies, corporate social responsibility and today's leadership challenges.

Helping Makes You Smart

Germany Needs a New Volunteer Service

01 Dec 2014 | Sebastian Gallander | Engagement

In many rural areas, the situation is as dismal as the November fog: shops, doctor’s offices and bus services have closed down. A volunteer service could breathe new life into the countryside, while at the same time solving some youth problems, thinks Sebastian Gallander.

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North Korea

A Facelift for the Great Leaders

26 Nov 2014 | Alexander Poel | International Relations

North Korea is beginning to open up to the world. Slowly, as Professor Rüdiger Frank emphasized, but all the same. At an event organized by the BMW Foundation and the German Council on Foreign Relations, the East Asia expert presented his book “Nordkorea – Innenansichten eines totalen Staates” and surprised his audience with his words and images.

The Transatlantic Community

Towards a Renewed Trust in Joint Purpose and Partnership

18. 11.2014 | Emily Sieg | International Relations

The transatlantic relations have reached rock bottom, mistrust and misunderstanding are dominating the partnership – which nevertheless is considered one of the strongest alliances worldwide by both sides. The United States and Europe need to regain a sense for common purpose, says Bucerius-BMW Foundation Research Fellow Emily Sieg.

Panel Discussion at the Dresden Frauenkirche

The Ukraine Crisis Holds Up a Mirror to the EU

19 Nov 2014 | BMW Foundation | EU Foreign Policy

For a long time, the ruins of the Frauenkirche in Dresden served as an anti-war memorial; with the help of private donations, the cathedral could be rebuilt. Today, it is not only a symbol of reconciliation and peace; on Thursday, it also made an impressive venue for the “Europe United in Diversity” event series.

An Interview with Anastasia Gulyavina

"We belong to a generation of people who want to change things"

13 Nov 2014 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

On November 20, 2014, Impact Hub Moscow will proudly open its doors to the public. We asked Anastasia Gulyavina, one of the co-founders, to tell us more about the social problems in Russia and why Impact Hub can help to solve them.

Venture Philanthropy

Its European Story

11 Nov 2014 | Kurt Peleman | Venture Philanthropy

The good news is that the venture philanthropy and social investment sector has come a long way in the past ten years, but of course we can go even further.

Natural Gas - Risks and Opportunities for Development

2nd BMW Foundation Global Table Analyzes the Tanzania Case

05 Nov 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

Source of future prosperity or security risk? Tanzania’s huge gas reserves could make the East African country the third-largest exporter of natural gas worldwide and improve the lives of many people.

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2nd Global Table 

2nd Global Table

Notes from the Meeting at Lake Como

31 Oct 2014 | Michael Schaefer | Resources and Security

Michael Schaefer, chairman of the BMW Foundation, shares his impressions and first results from the 2nd Global Table at Lake Como.

Island Dialogue on the Italian EU Council Presidency

Waiting for a European Foreign Policy

29 Oct 2014 | BMW Foundation | Europe

“Europe – a New Beginning” – this is the motto that the Italian government has given its EU Council Presidency, by which it is also referring to a stronger EU engagement in foreign and security policy issues. Do we really need a new beginning? And if so, does it promise to be a positive thing? On these questions, the opinions of the participants in the 5th Island Dialogue varied widely.

In Conversation: Michael Gerdts

“The Global Table is an enormous expansion of our platform.”

27 Oct 2014 | BMW Foundation| Resources and Security

The 2nd BMW Foundation Global Table takes place at Villa Vigoni, a binational association on Lake Como. The German-Italian Center for European Excellence stands for international understanding and intercultural dialogue. Michael Gerdts is the president of the Villa Vigoni association. In our interview, he explains the idea behind the place.

BMW Foundation Global Table

A Unique Initiative for Sustainable Transformation

24 Oct 2014 | Ravi Chaudhry | Resources and Security

The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stone. It ended because we came up with better ideas and implemented those.

Lessons From Afghanistan

"We need to be more modest in our expectations, not in our values"

21 Oct 2014 | BMW Foundation | Europe in the World

“Was the Afghanistan Mission Worth It: Yes or No?“ was the topic of a pro-and-con debate organized by the BMW Foundation. There was no real argument, however, between Omid Nouripour and Michael Koch.


Responsible Leader Chen Yang Brings Art to the BMW Foundation

14 Oct 2014 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

The view from the offices of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt may well qualify as an aesthetic treat: the Chancellery, the German Bundestag, the Federal Press Conference, the TV tower, and, of course, Berlin’s Central Station.

Mistrust of the West

A Difficult German-Russian Dialogue

10 Oct 2014 | Thomas Arzner | International Relations

The relations between Russia and the Western world have currently reached a low point. There is wide agreement about that – including at the 7th German-Russian Dialogue in Baden-Baden.

Fighting for the Good Cause

Social Intrapreneurs Create an Action Plan

18 Sep 2014 | BMW Foundation | Social Intrapreneurship

At the 1st Global Social Intrapreneurship Summit in Berlin, pioneers of this global movement gathered to get to know each other better and develop an action plan.

Social Intrapreneurs

How They Create and Blend Societal and Business Value

08 Sep 2014 | Heiko Spitzeck | Social Intrapreneurship

Susie Lonie and Nick Hughes at Vodafone were playing catch up. Their idea of offering mobile banking system to customers with no access to bank accounts was scaling up far more quickly than they had anticipated.

An Interview with Mascha Lazar

“Making the Healthcare System Work and Making It Better”

29 Aug 2014 | BMW Foundation | Innovation

Extremely complex and featuring a confusing multiplicity of actors and interests - this is how the makers of the “Transferis – Leadership in Healthcare” program characterize the German healthcare system. Mascha Lazar has participated in the program and told us about her experiences.

Do Digital Gadgets Make Our World a Better Place?

Let it Beep!

22 Aug 2014 | Joana Breidenbach | Social Innovation

Equipped with backpack and notebook, Betterplace Lab in the spring went on a field trip “around the world” – from India to Ruanda to Brazil – to find out how aid organizations, activists, and social entrepreneurs use the Internet and mobile telephony in the year 2014. Or, to put it differently: we were looking for the “good” Internet.

An Interview with Rajan Navani

An Efficient Price-Performance Ratio Is Key for India’s Development

15 Aug 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

Rajan Navani, who participated in the recent BMW Foundation Global Table in Hangzhou, is an old acquaintance and Responsible Leader of the BMW Foundation. The Indian entrepreneur is passionate about many interests and causes.

An Interview with Thierry Feike und Dietrich Firnhaber

Responsible Leaders Coach Young Entrepreneurs

08 Aug 2014 | BMW Foundation | Pro Bono

Giving young entrepreneurs from Germany, Egypt, and Tunisia a leg up – this is what Responsible Leaders Thierry Feike and Dietrich Firnhaber have decided to do. Both are involved as mentors with the non-profit initiative enpact where they pass on their extensive experiences to start-up founders.

An Interview with Helga Breuninger

Wasan Island – Impactful Places

04 Aug 2014 | BMW Foundation | Impact

Starting this August, the BMW Foundation will hold a series of events on Wasan Island under the title of "impact summers". The events will be hosted by the Breuninger Foundation whose chairwoman, Helga Breuninger, explains how good places can contribute to good workshop results.

Island Dialogues on Ukraine

A Difficult Conversation

30 Jul 2014 | BMW Foundation | Europe

A few hours before the European Union, on Tuesday of this week, imposed yet more and stricter sanctions on Moscow, designed to have a “bigger bite” and to deal a more serious blow to the Russian economy, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt held a discussion on Munich’s Prater Island entitled “Ukraine – A Test Case for European Foreign Policy?”

An Interview with Emre Yunt

Bringing the Global Table Spirit of Collaboration to the G20 Process

30 Jul 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

Like other emerging nations, Turkey is a very young country with a rapidly growing economy. Therefore, Turkey can make a special contribution to improving the relations between Europe and the emerging economies, argues Emre Yunt. The Turkish diplomat was a participant in the 1st Global Table.

The New Balance of Powers

Europe and Its Place in the World

25 Jul 2014 | Michael Schaefer | Europe

Twenty-five years ago, Francis Fukuyama postulated the end of history. The Berlin Wall, the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet Empire had crumbled. Democracy and a liberal market economy had proven their superiority over autocracy and planned economy. Our Western system had triumphed.

The 1st Global Table Participants

Unusual Encounters, Fresh Inspiration

21 Jul 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

The 1st Global Table, which took place on July 17–20, 2014, in the Chinese city of Hangzhou marked the beginning of a new conference format of the BMW Foundation. The focus is on the participants – personalities from around the world with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

An Interview with Ma Jun

Fresh Hope in the Chinese Fight Against Pollution

21 Jul 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

Ma Jun is China’s most high-profile environmental activist. He believes that the time has never been better to fight environmental destruction. He has just participated in the 1st BMW Foundation Global Table in Hangzhou.

Back to Nature

Where China Goes Green

17 Jul 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

When it comes to Chinese hotels, travelers generally think of concrete towers, fully air-conditioned rooms, and meeting rooms without natural daylight. It can be done differently, however. Starting today, the 1st Global Table on resources and security is meeting in a Hangzhou hotel that adheres to the strictest sustainability standards.

Communication Without Words

Gingko Fellows Meet Responsible Leaders

11 Jul 2014 | BMW Foundation | Social Innovation

What constitutes civil society and how strong is social cohesion in Germany? Twenty-seven fellows from the Chinese Narada Foundation came to Berlin and Hamburg to look for answers to these questions. They were sponsored by the Gingko Fellow Program, a program of the Narada Foundation that supports young people working for nonprofit organizations. Part 1:

Of Rubber Dinghys and Crowdgardening

Gingko Fellows Meet German Civil Society

11 Jul 2014 | BMW Foundation | Social Innovation

During their visit in Germany twenty-seven fellows from the Chinese Narada Foundation explored the essence of civil society. Not only did they meet BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders, they also learned about environmental organizations und political foundations. Part 2:

"Defining the Problem Frankly is Often Half of the Solution"

Young Diplomats Discover a Different Germany

30 Jun 2014 | Tamer Azzam | International Diplomats Programme

Twelve young diplomats will be chosen for the 6th International Diplomats Programme (IDP) in September. Tamer Azzam from Egypt was one of the last year's participants. Retrospectively, he speaks about his impressions of the programme.

Pioneers at the Grassroots

Harvey Koh presented report on social entrepreneurs

25 June | BMW Foundation | Social Innovation

Harvey Koh is considered a pioneer in the field of sustainable, innovative business models and impact investing. In his most recent study, he analyzed market barriers for social entrepreneurs working in developing countries. He presented the report’s key findings and insights in Berlin.

Visiting the BMW Foundation

Entrepreneurial spirit appreciated!

20 June 2014 | Ariana Gonzalez | Pro Bono

Ariana Gonzalez is the first Taproot BMW Foundation Fellow and recently worked for one month in the BMW Foundation's Berlin office. As a fellow, Ariana is now looking at programs to support the global pro bono movement as impactfully as possible.

An Interview with Norbert Röttgen

"New vulnerabilities must lead to a new understanding of security policy."

17 June 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resource and Security

Norbert Röttgen, Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the German Parliament, talks about the European perspective on the topic resource security. He is one of the 30 international participants in the 1st Global Table.

A Portrait of Claudia Leisinger

Photographer with the Licence to Ask

16 June 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

When Claudia Leisinger and her camera go out into the world, she carries with her the license to ask. "I want to know what other people are thinking and why", says the freelance photographer. What do the last fish porters at London’s Billingsgate fish market do when they lose their jobs?

An Interview with Thais Corral

"It may all be swamped by a certain chaos."

12 June 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

For weeks, the people in Brazil have taken to the streets to protest against the billion-dollar investments in the World Cup. The environmental activist Thais Corral sees a huge gap between the costs and the social benefit of the soccer spectacle.

Europe and the Emerging Economies

What the Global Table conversation is about

12 June 2014 | Alejandro Litovsky | Resources and Security

Fostering new bridges, ties and understanding is a vital step at a time of great uncertainty. The BMW Foundation Global Tables facilitate a better understanding between Europe and the new global players to build a multipolar world based on joint responsibility.

An Interview with Luciano Balbo

“Impact Investing is no Market for the Masses”

03 Jun 2014 | BMW Foundation | Impact Investing

According to the Italian pioneer Luciano Balbo, impact investing can help improving the public sector. The new book "The Realitiy of Impact Investing – Stories from the field“ tells Balbo's story and the stories of ten other investors and social businesses.

Related TopicsImpact Series #2

An Interview with Aylin Gezgüç

Creating the Right Environment for Social Creativity

21 May 2014 | BMW Foundation | Engagement

Turkey is a society in transition. Big companies play an important role in this process and in drawing attention to social problems. Responsible Leader Aylin Gezgüç points out how Koç Holding gets engaged with societal issues.

Understanding Social Innovation

Canada’s Story

21 May 2014 | BMW Foundation | Social Innovation

Canada serves as a role model for many in the social sector. In Canada – sooner than in Europe and nearer to our idea of a social welfare state than, for example, the United States – foundations, universities, and politicians have initiated a change that has come to be known as “social innovation.”

Related Topics

Social "Finnovation"

Europe United in Diversity

“The EU’s eastern enlargement was an absolute success!”

19 May 2014 | BMW Foundation | Europe

Europe has elected a new parliament. Already we know that euro-skeptics will have a say in the future course of the European Union. Quo vadis, Europe?

An Interview with Michael Schaefer

"We provide new rooms where ideas sprout wings"

13 May 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources and Security

The BMW Foundation Global Tables facilitate an understanding between Europe and new global players to build a multipolar world based on joint responsibility. The unconventional setting creates a space to foster trust and explore new areas of convergence.

New Members at record speed

A bookbridge to Ang-Tasom

08 Apr 2014 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

As a Responsible Leader and scholarship holder of the BMW Foundation Christian Hauser built a learning center in Cambodia within the scope of the Bookbridge Capability Program. The aim is to fill the local people with enthusiasm for books and education.

Changing China

The Chinese Dream

28 Mar 2014 | BMW Foundation | China

The new Chinese president Xi Jinping is currently visiting Europe. In addition to Brussels, he is also scheduled to stop for talks in Berlin and Paris. While the EU and especially Germany, Europe’s largest economy, hold strategic significance for China, Europe’s attitude vacillates between fear and admiration. The former is unjustified.

Related Topics1st Global Table

Five Indicators to Progress

Succesful companies need a sustainable vision

25 Mar 2014 | BMW Foundation | Social Intrapreneurship

As director of the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development in New Delhi, Sachin Joshi is an expert on social intrapreneurship and sustainable business. He will share his knowledge at the "Training of Trainers"-Workshop in Munich. In his essay "Five Indicators to Progress" Joshi defines a visionary company.

An Interview with Meg Garlinghouse and Till Kaestner

"A win-win situation all around"

10 Mar 2014 | BMW Foundation | Pro bono

Pro bono work is becoming ever more popular, especially in the United States, but also in Germany, where many professionals are eager to make an impact and change their environment. LinkedIn for Good is globally connecting more than 135 million professionals' knowledge and experience with nonprofits' needs.

An Interview with Evgenia Chirikova

To improve environmental protection in Russia, it also takes changes in other countries

07 Feb 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources

The preparations for the Olympic Games in Sochi were accompanied by criticism of the exploitation of the natural environment. In our interview, the Russian activist Evgenia Chirikova explains why environmental and resource protection is having such a hard time in Russia.

Limited Resources –

Unlimited Security Risk

07 Feb 2014 | BMW Foundation | Resources

The global race for vital resources threatens to undermine the stability in key regions of the world. Emerging economies in particular, such as China or India, face difficult conflicts of interest.

Related Topics Panel Discussion

The Accountability Lab

Making Governments More Responsible

9 Jan 2014 | Blair Glencorse | Social Innovation

Imagine if you couldn’t receive health services from your government unless you paid a bribe which you could not afford. This is the painful reality for millions of people all around the world.

Impact Story

How Heather and Felix Hit It Off

20 Dec 2013 | BMW Foundation | Impact

The international Young Leaders Forums combine the BMW Foundation’s two main concerns: international dialogue and social innovation. Carla Saliba and Celia Jaber of The Infographist in Dubai illustrate why this works.

Related Topics Boxgirls

Five Tools

How Social Intrapreneurs Drive Change

11 Dec 2013 | Maggie De Pree | Social Intrapreneurship

So far there has been no playbook to teach social intrapreneurs how to navigate the politics of corporate ecosystems. But there are five tools – developed by the League of Intrapreneurs – which can help social intrapreneurs in their work.

The Story Hunting Art Work

Creative Impact Evaluation

20 Nov 2013 | BMW Foundation | Impact

The “Story Hunting Artwork” is one of our newest tools with which we hope to gain a better feel for the impact of our forums. Our lively little video shows how it works.

Economic Growth Is Not Enough

Why Turkey Needs A Strong Civil Society

11 Nov 2013 | Filiz Bikmen | Third Sector

The Gezi park protests have put the media spotlight on civil society in Turkey. Civic engagement, NGOs, and foundations are not new to Turkey, however. Responsible Leader Filiz Bikmen points out how the Turkish civil society must change to become more powerful.

An Interview with Christophe Gördes

At the Munich Chamber Opera

15 Oct 2013 | BMW Foundation | Social Innovation

Its instruments are old, its repertory dates from the 19th century, and its most beautiful venue – the Cuvilliés Theater in Munich – was built in the Rococo style. So what is innovative about the Munich Chamber Opera? This is the question pondered by Christophe Gördes prior to his lecture on “The Riches of Limited Means – a Cultural Enterprise Looks Towards the Future.”

Market Research Meets Policy Planning

Taking Denmark as a Model

11 Oct 2013 | Sebastian Gallander | Innovation

These days, the potential coalition partners are meeting in Berlin for negotiations on their governing program: with the best of intentions, but maybe too far removed from the lives of ordinary people. In Denmark, three ministries are testing their plans prior to implementation with the help of an innovation lab. According to Sebastian Gallander, the new government should take a closer look at the MindLab.

Digital Art Project in Beijing

Art Based on Participation

4 Sep 2013 | BMW Foundation | Digital Art

When the approximately 300 participants gather from all over the world for the 4th World Young Leaders Forum in Beijing, the BMW Foundation will try for the first time to artistically reflect on the dialogue and exchange between the participants. To this end, the Canadian artist Baruch Gottlieb has prepared a digital art platform.

Youth in Somalia

Using Entrepreneurship to Combat Piracy

15 Aug 2013 | Mohamed Ali | Development

The fight against piracy will not be won on the Indian Ocean. What is needed are new perspectives for Somalia’s youth. Youth and social entrepreneurship can be part of the solution, not only in Somalia but also in other crisis regions. With this idea in mind, Mohamed Ali will travel to the World Young Leaders Forum in Beijing.

Investing into the Future

Traditional CSR Has Outlived Itself

08 Aug | Maximilian Martin | Sustainability

Four megatrends make traditional CSR less and less significant. According to Dr. Maximilian Martin, a more comprehensive approach should take its place, where companies can contribute to solving social problems through their core business practices. At the 4th World Young Leaders Forum in Beijing, he will present his ideas about sustainable capitalism.

Sustainability in Russia

Civic Sector Initiatives For a Green Future

01 Aug 2013 | Angelina Davydova | Sustainability

The Russian government declared 2013 to be the year of environmental protection. But who in Russia is interested in this topic? Despite state interferences in the NGO sector, the Russian civic sector is steadily growing, raising people’s awareness of sustainability issues. Giving a preview of her thematic session at the World Young Leaders Forum, Angelina Davydova writes about the hampered development of civil society.


Counteracting a Culture of Anger and Victimhood

31 Jul 2013 | Tarek Alsaleh | Engagement

In Syria, neither a political nor a military solution is in sight. Humanitarian aid is thus needed more than ever. Bidna Capoeira helps children in refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon to deal with their traumatic experiences and regain hope. The founder of the British NGO and BMW Foundation Young Leader Tarek Alsaleh writes about how he deals with the catastrophic impact of the Syrian war.

Relaunching Europe

Political Courage and a Good Dose of Realism

27 Jun 2013 | Lisa Giani-Contini | Europe

Europe is currently experiencing economic strife and an existential crisis. Youth unemployment is soaring across the European Union, with figures reaching around 64% in Greece and 56% in Spain. Such trends are simply unsustainable in the long term. Against this background, the 12th Munich Economic Summit focused on the question of how to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness through innovation and reforms.

Study of the Students' Forum

Career Changers Have a Hard Time in Politics

25 Apr 2013 | BMW Foundation | Leadership Concepts

The Students’ Forum of the Tönissteiner Kreis e.V., a student-run think tank, examined the situation of “career changers” in the German Bundestag. They found that politicians who first worked in other professions brought special expertise to parliament. That's why there should be more of them, according to Insa Reimers and Hanns Koenig.

An Interview with Marten von Velsen-Zerweck about Carbon Compensation

It’s Up to Every One of Us

15 Apr 2013 | BMW Foundation | Sustainability

Everybody generates CO2 emissions: when turning on the heating, taking the bus or flying. At the upcoming 4th World Young Leaders Forum in Beijing, the BMW Foundation will for the first time be compensating for the Forum’s ecological footprint to a significant degree.

An Interview with Ilona Doughtery

Apathy is Boring: Engaging Canada's Youth

14 Mar 2013 | BMW Foundation | Political Participation

That young adults have majorly contributed to declining voter turnouts in Western democracies is nothing new. The real issue is that not only the youth voice is lost, as Young Leader and Apathy is Boring co-founder Ilona Doughtery relates.

An Interview with Tamer Makary about Egypts Future

Carefully Optimistic

1 Mar 2013 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

In the run-up to the 2nd Arab European Young Leaders Forum in Tunis we spoke to Tamer Makary about the challenges facing his home country of Egypt, his engagement for eye health and how he balances business and charity involvement.

Pro Bono

Nonprofits Need Access to More Resources

15 Feb 2013 | Aaron Hurst | Engagement

In his essay, Aaron Hurst, founder of the U.S.-based Taproot Foundation and pioneer of the pro bono movement, argues for a paradigm shift in the way nonprofits and businesses cooperate.

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An Interview with Serge Embacher

Civil Society - Not Political Parties - Provide Political Stimuli

4 Jan 2013 | BMW Foundation | Political Participation

As a result of the professionalization of politics, there is a widening gap between the parties’ elites and their bases. Opening up political parties to civil society and its practitioners could remedy this situation. But for this to work, parties must no longer see “engaged citizens” as belonging to an enemy camp.

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An Interview with Timothy Wade

Accra – Launching Pad for the Waste Revolution?

19 Dec 2012 | BMW Foundation | Responsible Leadership

Although the improper disposal of human waste pollutes coastal areas and carries health risks, it is widely practiced in poorer countries. Timothy Wade, a U.S. social entrepreneur, offers a new business model to counter this practice.

An Interview with Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu

"One of the Best Moments"

1 Dec 2012 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

Life is tough for Nigeria’s subsistence farmers, battling with insufficient infrastructure and educational deficit. Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu set up the Smallholders Foundation, a radio channel devoted to educating rural Nigerians about effective farming techniques.

Magic Bus Visit for Zeppelin University Students

Study Trip to India

28 Nov 2012 | BMW Foundation/Martina Reischmann | Magic Bus

Peer Ederer got to know Magic Bus as a participant of the 2009 World Young Leaders Forum in Mumbai. He recently returned to the Indian metropolis and visited Magic Bus again as a Zeppelin University lecturer with his students in the Executive Master of Arts for Family Entrepreneurship (eMA FESH) program.

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Owners Forum Abu Dhabi

The Role of the Next Generation of Owners

15 Nov 2012 | BMW Foundation | Sustainablity

Family-led businesses enjoy greater freedom and flexibility than their publicly owned counterparts. They can use this latitude to serve as pacesetters in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. It was this particular perspective that the BMW Foundation, a partner of the Owners Forum Abu Dhabi, held on October 13-15, 2012, sought to contribute to the debate.

An Interview with Barry Desker

A Prosperous Europe without Hard Power

15 Oct 2012 | BMW Foundation | International Politics

While he sees the global power shift to Asia as irreversible, Ambassador Barry Desker still believes in Europe’s future. Barry Desker is the Dean of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and Director of NTU’s Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies.

An Interview with Stefan Kornelius

If Europe Fails, the West Will Seize to Be a Political Role Model

19 Sep 2012 | BMW Foundation | International Politics

Europe has turned its focus upon itself in the crisis – a fact that comes at a potentially high price for the political balance of powers. Right before the start of the 11th Expert Conference on International Relations on October 4-5, 2012, Stefan Kornelius shares his view on important issues of European policy.

An Interview with Rodrigo Baggio

Internet for a Better Society

12 Jul 2012 | BMW Foundation | Social Entrepreneurship

CDI is one of the most recognised NGOs in Latin America: Last year alone over 70,000 children, youth, and adults from underprivileged backgrounds attended CDI’s programs focused on digital education, citizenship, entrepreneurship and employability, thereby noticeably improving their job prospects and participation in social life.

US Immigration Debate

“Naturalize Women, Build Democracy”

22 May 2013 | Sayu Bhojwani | Political Participation

Sayu Bhojwani won a BMW Foundation Young Leaders Award this year for her New American Leaders Project. Three decades after moving to the US she runs the initiative to help prepare first- and second-generation immigrants in the USA for civic leadership.

Jesse LeCavalier

How Infrastructure Can Change Our Lives

18 Sep 2012 | Matthias Ziegelmeier | Poiesis

Recently, Jesse LeCavalier and his project group “Infrapolitics” undertook a field trip to New York and created the publication MILGRAM. In the interview Jesse speaks about Google, political imaginaries and about infrastructure that is changing our lives.

Michael McQuarrie

New Shapes of Berlin Urbanism

7 Jul 2011 | BMW Foundation | Poiesis

Together with his working group Michael McQuarrie recently visited Berlin for a research trip. In the interview he speaks about professionalization of social organizations and its difficulties. Also he talks about the special way of life he has recognized in the german capital.

Wolfgang Pietsch

"We Are Looking for Infrastructure, where you don't expect it."

8 May 2011 | BMW Foundation | Poiesis

In this interview, Wofgang Pietsch talks about the Poiesis Fellowship collaboration, his definition of infrastructure, and the citizen in the 21st century.