An Interview with Abdallah Al Dardari

“No Peace without Justice”


2 Nov 2016 | BMW Foundation | MENA 

Aerial strikes, negotiations, ceasefire, renewed bombardment: As the war in Syria continues in its sixth year, it is hard to believe that it will ever end.

But the international community must be prepared for when this day comes. Abdallah Al Dardari is the person working towards this goal at the United Nations. As Deputy Executive Director of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA), he draws up reconstruction and rebuilding plans for Syria for the time after the civil war. Yet he also thinks beyond Syria: Peace and successful economic development in the Middle East are a global public good, says Al Dardari, which require stronger international engagement.

In this video interview, Abdallah Al Dardari also talks about the importance of transitional justice, especially for the economic pacification of a society, and about a new social contract for the transformation countries in the Middle East.

Abdallah Al Dardari was one of the 25 participants of the 7th BMW Foundation Global Table in Tunis in late September.