Impact Story

How Heather and Felix Hit It Off


20 Dec 2013 | BMW Foundation | Impact

The international Young Leaders Forums combine the BMW Foundation’s two main concerns: international dialogue and social innovation. Carla Saliba and Celia Jaber of The Infographist in Dubai illustrate why this works.

The right people

Under normal circumstances, Felix and Heather may never have met. Our forums bring together people from different worlds with their personal stories, experiences, and their very own views on society.

Places that inspire creativity

Our forums take place in inspiring cities and challenging places. For one day, the Young Leaders immerse themselves in the lives of (social) entrepreneurs, chief administrators or activists who want to change things in their cities: be it at a cooperative in Buenos Aires, a migrant society in Beijing or the water management board in Windhoek. The goal of the conversations and workshops is to take a closer look, investigate how problems develop, and search for new ideas and solutions.

The Forum is only the beginning

A good Young Leaders Forum does not end with the participants’ departure. It fosters new relationships, strengthens people’s engagement, and harnesses the Responsible Leaders’ know-how and networks for a good cause.

This is exactly what happened when Heather and Felix met.

Thanks to Carla Saliba for her pro-bono work as well as to Heather Cameron and Felix Kuhnert, whose “impact story” is told here. All three are BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders.