What We Do

Our Key Areas


The BMW Foundation brings together leaders from across communities, cultures and countries to drive Social Innovation, promote Global Dialogue, and encourage Responsible Leadership. We are convinced that our approach breaks down barriers between politics, business and civil society and allows society to benefit from the creativity and diversity that result from cross-sector collaboration.

Europe’s Future

We want to help make Europe fit for the future.

Europe and Its Neighbors

We pay particular attention to Europe’s relations with its neighboring countries and want to contribute to the dialogue about shared values and interests.

Europe and the Emerging Economies

We want to explore and discuss the political, economic, social, ecological, and technological consequences of the shift of powers to the emerging economies.

Social Finance

We want to promote the practice of Social Finance amongst foundations and other social impact-oriented investors around the world and, in so doing, strengthen support for the social sector.

Pro bono

Nonprofit organizations in Germany and worldwide should be able to draw on “pro bono” services to better do their work.

Social Entrepreneurship

We want to increase the acceptance and influence of social entrepreneurs and nurture them by connecting them with companies, investors, governments, and administrations.

Social Intrapreneurship

We want to strengthen social intrapreneurs, so that they can act as agents of social change and transform companies and bureaucracies from within.