What We Do

Europe and the Emerging Economies


Our Goal

We want to explore and discuss the political, economic, social, ecological and technological consequences of the shift of power to the emerging economies.


New economic and foreign-policy powers are emerging alongside the US, Europe, and Russia. Foremost among them is China, followed by Brazil, India, South Africa and other emerging countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This global shift of power and the increasingly complex challenges faced by the global community – resource security, climate change, the fight against poverty – require a change in structural and strategic thinking. It takes the opening up of broad areas of convergence rather than piecemeal approaches to develop and implement viable solutions.

Our Approaches and Instruments

The BMW Foundation has developed an event format that aims to take into account these developments: The Global Table seeks to transform the dialogue on important issues of the future – with the current cycle focusing on the topic of “Resources and Security.”

As part of the Global Talk, a stimulating pro-and-con debate, we present pressing issues for public discussion.