Global Pro Bono Network

The Global Pro Bono Network

We believe that pro bono intermediaries are a crucial component in making pro bono work and providing high-quality professional services to nonprofits. Pro bono intermediaries are not only ensuring the right match but are also defining efficient processes and managing impactful pro bono engagements. Pro bono intermediaries are multipliers for spreading the power of pro bono across their countries and regions. In 2012, BMW Foundation went into partnership with the Taproot Foundation, organizing the Global Pro Bono Summit and birthing the Global Pro Bono Fellows Program.

Our support

Through the Global Pro Bono Network we provide ongoing support to both national and regional initiatives in areas across the globe. Intermediaries are becoming more sophisticated in their ability to provide pro bono services; the network facilitates the sharing of knowledge to ensure intermediaries do not have to reinvent the wheel as their programs expand. Being part of our Global Pro Bono Network also offers unique access to our Responsible Leaders Network. Members of the network are also featured through our media channels and at events.


The Global Pro Bono Network consists of a selected group out of the growing number of pro bono intermediaries from around the world offering different approaches towards providing pro bono. Intermediaries range from start-ups to mature organizations working to promote, provide and expand pro bono in their countries and regions. This mixture accelerates the sharing of best practices and lessons learned. Realizing that pro-bono engagement is highly culture-specific, the network fosters intercultural exchange and draws a new map of engagement-culture.


Asian Charity Services (China)

Asian Charity Services provides pro bono business consulting services, training and solutions to other charities so that they may operative more effectively. ACS offers one of the largest platforms in Asia on skill-based volunteerism. The mission is to effect change and raise the standards and professionalism of NGO’s at leadership level, enabling them to be more effective, efficient and sustainable.
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ATADOS (Brazil)

Atados is a Brazilian organization that connects people who want to volunteer for environmental and social causes with nonprofit organizations, which need their help. It also develops its own projects and supports refugees in Brazil.
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Bonum (Marocco)

Bonum is a social enterprise, founded to generate a positive social impact in Morocco. By creating and developing the pro bono movement, it mobilizes professionals to volunteer in other organizations via standard or custom programs, based on their professional skills.
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Career Volunteer (United Kingdom)

Career Volunteer is driving a culture shift in the world of volunteering. As more people strive to have purposeful careers and a positive impact, by connecting the skills and talents of volunteers with organizations in civil society, they are helping to bring down the walls between the charity, corporate and public sectors.
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Carma (Turkey)

Through and interactive web platform, C@arma links individuals interested in volunteering with organizations in need of extra help or a specialized skill-set to which they otherwise would not have access.
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Conjunct Consulting (Singapore)

Conjunct Consulting provides consulting services to nonprofit organizations and social enterprises in various areas (e.g., financial sustainability, human capital development, strategic planning). Located in Singapore, Conjunct Consulting equips its partners with sustainable strategies and thought processes to ensure they are ready for future challenges and empowers the next generation of social sector leaders with the business skills and knowledge needed for continual strategic change.
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Empact (Singapore)

Empact empowers social impact organizations by providing them access to affordable, quality professional services. Empact is able to do this by collaborating with practitioners and corporations who are volunteering their time and expertise. Located in Singapore, Empact manages clients allowing consultants to focus their expertise on projects. This philosophy led to Empact being awarded the New Initiative Grant by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre in 2012.
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Endeavour (Canada)

Endeavour is a Canadian charity that recruits, trains and matches teams of skilled volunteers with nonprofit organizations in need of management consulting. Since 2007, Endeavour has engaged more than 400 volunteers on over 70 pro bono projects — delivering more than $5 million in pro bono consulting to local, national and international nonprofit organizations based in Canada. Endeavour also works in partnership with corporations in Canada, such as AstraZeneca and Capital One, to offer employer-supported pro bono.
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Ghadan (Saudi-Arabia)

Ghadan is an intermediary working across the spectrum from grassroot organizations to private corporations, focusing on social engagement. Located in Jeddah City in Saudi Arabia, Ghadan conducts a wide variety of programs and initiatives aiming at building the capacity of Saudis as well as third sector organizations to bring about an inclusive civic engagement.
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Huizeren (China)

Huizeren provides capacity building through professional volunteers in order to support the sustainable development of China’s civil society. Since 2011, Huizeren has completed 46 Volunteer Service Grant pro bono projects in strategy planning, IT, marketing, HR, and legal services, connecting 89 NGOs to professional talent in companies like HP, IBM, Standard Chartered Bank, Ericsson, and Lenovo.
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Impact Hub (Russia)

Impact Hubs are curators of physical and virtual work and social spaces designed to help materialize visions for a better world by offering a unique mix of infrastructure, connections, inspiration, and learning for people who want to move their ideas from intention to impact.
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Inspiring Scotland (Scotland)

Inspiring Scotland is a unique charitable partnership amongst the private, public and nonprofit sectors in Scotland, using the principles of venture philanthropy to target social outcomes as opposed to financial returns. Inspiring Scotland supports communities to positively harness their capabilities by providing pro bono support across a wide range of business issues.
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IVolunteer (India)

iVolunteer’s mission is to bring volunteers and organizations together to share time, skills and passion to promote India’s social development. It promotes and facilitates volunteering across India and has the unique distinction of being the only initiative enabling Indian volunteers to serve in other developing countries. It also has a strong portfolio of corporate partners and facilitates international volunteers for development work in India.
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Leaf (Slovakia)

LEAF is a Slovakia-based non-profit organization which contributes to developing young people into shapers, demonstrating characters, excellence, entrepreneurial leadership and civic engagement regardless of their socio-economic background. Three of the 25 employees work in a skills-based volunteering program which was conceived in 2012 with the aim of developing individuals in the area of civic engagement.
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LIN Center for Community Development (Vietnam)

The LIN Center for Community Development (LIN) is a Vietnamese, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. Its mission is to to provide support services to local NPOs, skilled volunteers and donors who are committed to building strong communities.
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NEEDeed Foundation (Thailand)

NEEDeed changes the way organizations and individuals think about supporting social purpose organizations in South East Asia by focusing on their organizational capacity as the main indicator of their success and sustainability. They strategically assess organizations` needs; scope, manage and deliver impactful projects with the help of pro bono resources to increase the organizations’ capacity.
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Passerelles & Compétences (France)

Passerelles & Competences’ mission is to identify all competencies needed by NGOs, to frame missions that can be realized by individuals with full time jobs and a family life, to find the best volunteer, and to monitor the link between the volunteer and the NGO during the mission. Based out of Paris, their international development started in 2012. In 2013, they developed the foundations for an international P&C network in Germany and Canada.
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Phomenta (Brazil)

Phomenta is a nonprofit organization founded in 2015 in São Paulo. The aim of the organization is to support the third sector, especially by the use of technology and good management practices.
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PILnet is an international NGO that collaborates with local partners to create regional and global networks focused on serving the public interest. There are two core strategies: training, supporting and collaborating with activist lawyers on a global scale, and building and strengthening the global pro bono community. Furthermore, PILnet runs three domestic pro bono legal clearinghouses and one global cross-border clearinghouse.
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Pontis (Slovakia)

Pontis is working to make Slovakia a great country with lots of engaged people for community projects and activity while being accepting of the needs of other social groups. Currently we would like to take creating partnerships between businesses and NGOs to a new level, and be even better in our abilities of matching the best and very specific business talents with the needs and gaps in the NGO sector.
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Pro Bono Lab (France)

The Pro Bono Lab mobilizes expert teams that consult small and medium-sized organizations on a voluntary basis. In doing so, non-profit organizations can acquire essential knowledge of marketing, communications, human resources, law and web development. Since 2012, Pro Bono Lab managed to enlist over 1200 volunteers to work in 150 pro bono projects.
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Proboneo (Germany)

Proboneo’s mission is to ensure nonprofit organizations have access to the same high-quality and professional resources as for-profit corporations such as strategy development, marketing, technology, or HR. Proboneo aims to support impact-oriented pro bono engagement in Germany. Moreover, Proboneo works with a wide variety of actors – from business, public administration, and civil society – to build a pro bono movement across different sectors.
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Prospera (Norway)

Prospera is based in Oslo with 130 consultants donating their time to pro bono projects. The foundation was founded in 2009 and is currently developing its business model and partnerships with key stakeholders.
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Pyxera Global (USA)

PYXERA Global creates groundbreaking partnerships between the public, private, and social sectors that leverage the unique attributes of each to create shared value and innovative solutions to complex challenges. Through an iterative and interactive process, PYXERA guides corporate partners in developing international corporate volunteer programs uniquely tailored to meet their needs. Together, they identify optimal program duration, participant selection, project scope, and target geographies resulting in a robust pilot that can be scaled in future years.
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Reach (UK)

Reach brokers skills based volunteering throughout the UK. In 2015 they expect to confirm almost 700 placements. Currently the service is mediated by the service team but an online platform which facilitates self-service, supported by guidance and advice should be launched this year.
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Resonate (Australia)

Resonate was established to narrow the gap between the corporate and community sectors by creating a shared value. They achieve this through the facilitation of workshops, group events and high-skills volunteering.
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Service Grant (Japan)

Service Grant Japan is the leading organization of Japan’s pro bono movement, initially introducing the pro bono concept in Japanese society. Their mission is to nurture a healthy culture of civil society where people collaborate productively to solve social problems and tackle address challenges. They also supported five new pro bono intermediaries in Japan, lending their expertise to help build a local pro bono movement.
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Social Enterprise Support Network (South Korea)

Located in South Korea, SESNeT was founded by experts and retired CEOs working in various fields, including business management, law, design, science/technology, and media/marketing. Based on the belief that “the best philanthropy is helping others to become independent” this team supports the establishment and development of social enterprises in an innovative way to solve social problems like poverty, unemployment, environmental matters, and insufficient social services.
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Social Entrepreneurs Agency (Portugal)

SEA is a nonprofit institution. It was founded in 2007 as a multi-sectoral cooperative. The team aims at implementing and developing social entrepreneurship projects that contribute to sustainability. The motto is simple, but effective: “Think globally, act locally.” With support from the BMW Foundation, SEA has conducted a study to understand the potential of pro bono in Portugal. The study will help companies and professionals to identify adequate pro bono projects that make a difference to society.
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Spark (Canada)

Spark is a capacity building and pro-bono volunteer brokering resource for the Community Economic Development in Canada and community development sector in the city of Winnipeg, Canada. They connect volunteers with valuable professional skills to worthwhile community based organizations and projects. Clients range from emerging community based groups to well established nonprofit organizations.
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Stichting Laluz (Netherlands)

Laluz connects professionals and idealistic organizations through project-based collaborations, enabling them to share knowledge and expertise in the Netherlands. Laluz assists corporations in implementing their corporate social responsibility efforts by developing and organizing management development programs. Together with its corporate partners, laluz organizes workshops for idealistic organizations and plans innovative events.
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Talent Achievement Consulting (China)

TAC (Talent Achievement Consulting) is a NPO that provides talent development solutions and services through the skill-based volunteering for corporates and NPOs. As an innovative cross-sector program designed to develop talent leadership and skill, this approach to corporate community service gives companies to a positive return on their social investment while building stronger teams and developing employee skills.
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Taproot Foundation (USA)

The US-based Taproot Foundation and the BMW Foundation work together to explore the opportunities for spreading professional pro-bono consulting for non-profit organizations worldwide.
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Thai Young Philanthropist Network (Thailand)

Founded in 2008, TYPN is a community of over 2,700 young professionals committed to mobilize their expertise and resources in order to strengthen the civil society in Thailand. TYPN works with partner organizations across sectors to co-create an enabling ecosystem for change agents, pioneering innovative social-sector mechanism such as crowdfunding, skill-based volunteering, social investment and venture philanthropy in Thailand.
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The Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (Georgien)

The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia was established in 1995 with the overall mission of building Civil Society in Georgia, while ensuring two-way communication between society at large and its Government.
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The Good Lobby (EU)

The Good Lobby believes in forging unconventional partnerships to lobby for the public interest. They recruit a diverse mixture of expert volunteers to share their skills with NGOs working on the most important social and political issues in Europe. On an on-going basis, The Good Lobby serves as a clearinghouse, and provides training, technical and strategic assistance in EU law, policy development and communication.
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Trabajo Voluntario (Peru)

Since 2005 Trabajo Voluntario has been promoting entrepreneurial volunteering with more than 120 different models and programs, such as the Transformational Employee Volunteering and the internal competitions in companies, and have hereby helped companies to increase their role in society and the impact of their work.
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Volontärbyrån (Sweden)

Volontärbyrån connects volunteers with non-profits by running a free service for non-profits where they can publish volunteer opportunities. The aim is to improve the opportunities for voluntary social work within Sweden through influencing public opinion, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and introducing tools that further strengthen civil society.
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Volunteering Hungary - Centre of Hungary Social Innovation

The goal of the Volunteering Hungary - Centre of Hungary Social Innovation is the support of volunteer activities in Hungary, and the support of organizations relying on volunteers. The Centre disseminates information, and provides consulting and training. Further goals include spreading the spirit of volunteerism, and the integration of this spirit into Hungarian society.
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