What We Do

Key Area: Social Entrepreneurship


Our Goal

We want to increase the acceptance of social entrepreneurs and support them by connecting them with businesses, private investors, governments, and administrations.

Social Challenge 


"Social entrepreneurship" means entrepreneurship for the common good. Social benefit takes precedence over financial profit. Social entrepreneurs bring their ideas to bear on issues that cannot be solved by public institutions and NGOs alone.

The concept of social entrepreneurship has received a lot of attention in recent years. It has inspired people worldwide to take a new and unconventional look at social and ecological problems and to become social entrepreneurs themselves. But unlike business founders and entrepreneurs who can draw on a good support structure, social entrepreneurs generally lack such services and offers.


Social enterprise broadens society’s repertoire and provides new ideas and approaches to solving social problems. Having an environment supportive of social enterprises can have the effect that social entrepreneurial approaches and solutions are also taken up by established actors and that social and welfare-state problems can be solved in a better, faster, and more cost-efficient way.

Already today, social entrepreneurs demonstrate the social impact they generate and the amount of money they save the state without replacing public services. If the state recognized this and translated it into investment opportunities, that would be great and a step forward.“

Stefan Wilhelm, Executive Assistant, Discovering Hands

Our Approaches and Instruments

We cooperate with and support organizations that seek to improve the environment for social enterprises by providing financial support and consultancy to social entrepreneurs, by studying the topic academically or scientifically or by carrying the concerns of social entrepreneurs into the political and social sectors. We also support individual actors that take a creative and entrepreneurial approach to working towards a better society, providing them with concrete and tailored support and advice. Moreover, we seek to activate the know-how and knowledge of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders for their benefit.