What We Do

Key Area: Social Intrapreneurship


Our Goal

We want to help spread social intrapreneurship. Social intrapreneurs are people who drive social change within larger organizations (companies and administrations) and thus create added value for both the organization and society.

Social Challenge


Social Intrapreneurship inspires people in large organizations such as companies or administrations to recognize their innovative power and to realize their ideas within their organization in an entrepreneurial way. Intrapreneurs create both social and economic added value.

While non-profit organizations often depend on donations and most social entrepreneurs possess only limited means and resources for expanding their reach, larger companies and other established institutions such as administrations or welfare organizations frequently have more leverage to effect social change. Structural obstacles, however, prevent this potential from being realized and dampen innovation. The possibility of being economically successful and at the same time creating social added value is overlooked, major potential for social change is wasted.


The social intrapreneurship approach is twofold: On the one hand, it helps individuals recognize and boost their innovative strength and learn the skills they need to realize their ideas. On the other hand, it targets companies and institutions by raising their awareness of the potential that comes from supporting their employees’ social innovation efforts and by helping them create an enabling environment.

Our Approaches and Instruments

The BMW Foundation supports the networking of people and institutions active in this field in order to communicate and share important knowledge and competencies in social intrapreneurship. In cooperation with CSR Europe and Ashoka we encourage companies to provide a supportive environment for social innovation as part of their core business. In addition, the BMW Foundation is a founding member of the League of Intrapreneurs, which aims to strengthen and scale the growing movement. We want to push this global movement and raise awareness for the topic - together with the League and the Impact Hub, a global network of people, places and programs that inspire, connect and catalyze impact for the common good.