What We Do

Europe’s Future


Our Goal

We want to strengthen Europe’s unity and long-term viability.


The debt crisis, a weak euro, and the growth of populism in many EU countries are increasingly challenging the achievements of the European Union since its foundation – not just at the margins of our societies, but also at their centers. In a globalizing, politically and economically fragile world, Europe is losing both its influence and its ability to act. A return to the nation-state, as is demanded by many, does not represent an adequate response to the ever more complex challenges of an increasingly multipolar world. In the medium term, even bigger European nation states will not be capable of effectively looking after the interests of their citizens. Only a European Union that speaks and acts with one voice will be able to play an active role in the world of the 21st century.

Our Approaches and Instruments

With the “Island Dialogues” and the “Europe United in Diversity” dialogue series, we contribute the public debate about current issues of European integration. Strengthening the European Union is also at the heart of our partnership with the Committed Europeans, an alliance of German foundations, and with the Forum Berlin.